Digital Radio Partnership

Radio Advertising Image

The radio has been around since the 1920s and continues to provide people with both entertainment and information. We will advertise your services and wares via 5 different local radio stations: Cat Country FM-95.1 WLST, Hits-FM 96.3 WSFQ, Classic hits FM-103.7 WHYB, Sports Radio AM 570-WMAM, and News Talk AM-1340 WAGN.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great, visual way to advertise your business to customers. If you purchase one of our streaming packages, we will use our partnership with three of the above-mentioned radio stations, Cat Country, Hits 96, and Classic Hits, to place your banner ads within the music streaming page of the stations you choose.  These radio streaming ads will remain on the screen for a full minute at a time before rotating to a different ad.  Your ad will also appear on our site as a sponsor ad.

Radio Streaming:  Banner Ad Plans

Our plans include an optional content update (monthly if provided and quarterly if we create them).  These packages are for a minimum of 12 months.Banner Ad Sizes Image

The Mid-Page Unit Banner (300 X 250 pixels) can appear on Cat Country, Hits 96, or Classic Hits for $99.00 per month OR on all three stations for $139.00 per month.   

The Leaderboard Banner (728 X 90 pixels) can also appear on individual radio station streaming pages, but for $139.00 per month OR on all three radio stations for $169.00 per month.

As mentioned above, all ads will remain on the screen for a full minute at a time, before rotating to a different ad.

Facebook Live/Video Promotions

Do you have an event coming up at your organization that you would like publicized through our radio station?  If you schedule a Facebook Live option with us, we can integrate the live radio feed with Facebook, so that your live-recorded message will appear both on the radio and on Facebook at the same time.


 Radio Digital Gallery

Packerland Broadband Tailgate Tuesday

Marinette Senior Center Senior ID Event

Bella Couture by L'Shae Prom Promotion -  The images are all individual posts created and shared on instagram, facebook, and twitter with descriptions that tie into the radio ad in which you can hear in below video.