About Us

Who Are We?

Bay Cities Interactive, a division of Bay Cities Multi Media Center, located in Northeast Wisconsin, is a full-service, digital marketing business. We offer many different services, such as Website Design, Social Media Management, Radio Advertising, and Geo-targeting, in order to help you find the best way to tell current and future customers what your business has to offer them.

How Can Our Business Help Yours?

To successfully navigate the ever-changing world of consumer perceptions, it helps to understand the landscape. If you don’t know where you stand, it’s difficult to get to where you want to be. At Bay Cities Interactive, we know the lay of the land. Our unique blend of research straddles both digital and traditional to help you find a clearer line of sight toward your unique goals.

Website Design

If you already have a website, we can help you maintain it or redesign it to follow your personal preferences.  If you do not yet have a website, we can create one for you from scratch, again incorporating your own unique personal preferences into its design.

Social Media Management

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, instagram, YouTube, or another social media account?  Do you have more than one? Is it difficult to remember to update them with current information or are you too busy to update them? If you do not have any social media accounts to help advertise what your business has to offer, we can create them for you and make sure that your social media has information for your followers to view.  If you do have accounts, we can maintain them for you, providing content or uploading the content that you provide us.

Radio Advertising

The radio has been around since the 1920s and continues to provide people with both entertainment and information. We will advertise your services and wares via 5 different local radio stations: Cat Country FM-95.1 WLST, Hits-FM 96.3 WSFQ, Classic hits FM-103.7 WHYB, Sports Radio AM 570-WMAM, and News Talk AM-1340 WAGN.


Location-based mobile advertising is a form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology  we use pinpoints a consumer location and provides a location-specific advertisement on his/her mobile device. Geo-fencing and GeoRetargeting are the most widely used location-based mobile advertising tactics.

Geo-fencing is a solution in which a virtual barrier is created around a defined area. A geo-fence can be as broad as a state or as small as a city block. The smaller the geo-fence, the more granular the targeting. A geo-fence is used in a mobile ad strategy to trigger the deployment of or show eligibility to receive certain ads and notifications based on the location of a smartphone user.



Whether we are tapping into the world’s largest focus group via social listening, conducting ethnographies to better understand consumer behavior, or participating in ongoing training and education, we are ensuring that we are able to bring the most current methods into the mix.

Have questions? Please contact us and we will happily answer any questions that you may have:

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